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  • How we’re seen

    How we’re seen

    It seemed as though I was being reminded today that it’s easier to see the strength and good quality of others than it is to see in ourselves.

  • Music vs TV

    Music vs TV

    I don’t know how to find the cable channels that I pay for. There should be 30 that I have access to among the 9999 in the guide. I’m not bothered, though.

  • Hallways are an interesting place

    Hallways are an interesting place

    A lot more happens in hallways than we are often aware of.

  • Incomplete Thoughts on Ideas

    Incomplete Thoughts on Ideas

    It’s a wonder, isn’t it, that an idea was ever had at all. Whence did one, any one, originate? How, pray tell, did it arrive? For how long, no one knows, will it stay?

  • Counting down the days to 2021

    Counting down the days to 2021

    Since winter break started, I’ve been counting down the days until 2021. Friday morning will be the turning point. It’s the day that everything will become better. In my head.

  • Take the pictures you want to take

    Take the pictures you want to take

    Faizal Westcott, in his video, “Is Street Photography With No People Still Street Photography?” says: “street photography is capturing the human presence.” With this definition, the answer to the question in the title is, “yes.” Westcott then uses the work of Fred Herzog to substantiate his point. Herzog, Westcott says, expresses the human experience in…

  • Video Diaries

    Video Diaries

    For a while now, I’ve been trying to figure out what unique perspective I can share with the world through video. Over the summer, I was posting videos on YouTube of me running around Toronto taking pictures. I tried doing a few reviews of pens and different tech before that, but those didn’t really work…