April 25, 2023

I had a booth at a marketplace today. It was a work thing. As part of the conference, there was a “marketplace” where we presented on how we use technology in our classrooms.

I don’t have my own classroom. I registered for a Digital Lead Learner role about four years ago and having a booth at the marketplace is the final project for the second year. I had a classroom when I applied and then the program was put on hold when the rest of the world was, too. I still teach classes.

My topic was green screen videos. There was some interest in it. A few people took my contact information. I gave everyone who visited me a small green star sticker to put on their passports. Filling the passport entered you into a draw for prizes. I gave out more small green star stickers than contact details.

It was a good experience. I got to spend some time with a colleague who I haven’t caught up with in a while.

Lots of people have lots of ideas.


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