August 26, 2023

A lot of things seem to be moving right now. I’m moving stuff over to the new workshop and Hannah’s moving stuff into here. We’ve already started talking about when we plan to go to work next week. There’s also the cats, who are getting to know each other and moving around the apartment. We’re trying to keep things in balance, but, as the saying goes, it’s like herding cats.

Change, when it’s progress, is a good thing. It is the realisation of an opportunity in service of more opportunities. Life can become quite plain if we don’t have change. Life can be too exciting if there’s too much change. So, we mitigate it, we plan for it, we prepare for it.

I think that the process of change – doing the changing – is where the work lies. You have to be ready for it but also able to go with the flow. Does a river know its path through a canyon? Does it meander aimlessly, hoping to find its resting place? Does a river ever rest? Is the riverbed the potential and the water the realisation of that? What about lakes? Do they have a say in what the rivers do? Then there’s creeks, tributaries, deltas, bays, seas, oceans, and waterfalls.

Everything, all of it, is in constant motion. Nothing stays the same for too long. When we look out, from a view atop a peak, we can relish the marvel of what we see before us. We imprint that in our minds, glorify it, cherish it. The change, the work, the process, remain hidden, unseen. Without it, the beauty wouldn’t exist.

Even marble is moved by a chisel and dissolved by rain. Would that which is beautiful be so if it remained the same?


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