Tag: Quick Thoughts

  • April 23, 2024

    I was thinking about mastery of a craft today after watching a YouTube video of Japanese craftsmen making, what looked to be, game boards. Their commitment to craft was intentional and apparent. With tireless patience, they reproduced that same product repeatedly. A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes is better…

  • April 17, 2024

    The world must’ve heard me complaining yesterday because I got two rather nice compliments today. One happened during lunch when a student said that the library wouldn’t run without me and that she hopes I’m the librarian again next year. It’s nice to hear that, especially when you feel as though you’re not doing your…

  • April 9, 2024

    I’m finding myself growing increasingly impatient, wanting things to get done, to make progress. I got angry with one of my classes today because only one person completed the homework. I find myself standing in the middle of the library just turning circles in the same spot, trying to figure out how things got so…

  • April 4, 2024

    I realised something this morning that put me on my back foot a little. At once, there was relief in the acknowledgement and an unsettling in the realisation.

  • March 31, 2024

    Nearing the end of each month, I look ahead to the next month as an opportunity to start the things I wanted to have started already. At some point, I just have to accept that starting at any time, the 15th, 22nd, 31st, or 7th, is the right time to start. I attach an importance…

  • March 19, 2024

    For the first time ever, I forgot to do my hair this morning. If I don’t have to go to work, I’ll wear a hat. I prefer wearing a hat. The pomade makes my hair sticky. This feels like part of something larger. I’ve been more forgetful lately, more irritable, and information has been harder…

  • March 16, 2024

    I made a cross cut sled for my table saw. I had a good reason for making it when I set out to. Now, I can’t remember what I was wanting it for.

  • March 14, 2024

    Hannah joined me at the shop today so that we could cut some wood for a couple of shelves that she wants to put up in the apartment. While there, she commented that the shop was my head unfurled. She said it differently but that’s what she meant. An interesting comment, a clever insight. It…

  • March 13, 2024

    I wish that more days could be like yesterday and today, spending my time working for myself and seeing some progress.

  • March 10, 2024

    The fatigue hit me today, just as I expected.

  • March 2, 2024

    It’s getting a bit tough to come up with ideas for things to write about. I did manage to get to the shop today, but only for a couple of hours. I’m planning to go again tomorrow. I’m hoping to have something more interesting to write about by then.

  • March 1, 2024

    Today’s post is going to be another short one. I’ve been getting really frustrated at the fact that I haven’t been getting to the shop much lately. I’m upset that my job is taking so much of my energy. It’s bothersome that I can’t figure out how to find a manageable balance. March Break is…