July 29, 2023

After a nine-hour drive, we have ended up in a hotel room that feels like something out of Fawlty Towers, without the superfluous little staircase, but complete with the ‘70s vibe. The carpets are patterned with alternating strips of two different shades of red separated by alternating strips of two different shades of grey. The widths alternate, too, between thick (~5 cm), medium (~2-3 cm), and thin (~0.5-1 cm).

Our hotel room is at the corner of a hallway, the door being 45° to the perpendicular walls. You enter into a foyer, of sorts, in the shape of a wide, lazy “V”. The bathroom is at the left tip and the bedroom to the left of the apex. There’s a dresser in the top-left corner.

The bedroom is small. The end of the double bed is about a foot away from the wall. There’s a small closet in the corner of the room closest to the right side of the head of the bed. On the other side of the bed is a night stand. Kitty-corner to the closest, a TV has been mounted on a soffit that is at 45° to the perpendicular sides.

There’s a small fridge on the floor in the closet that wasn’t plugged in. There’s a window-mounted air conditioning unit, too, mounted with plexiglass in the window opening on the wall opposite the closet and on the same side of the bed as the night stand. The view from the window is of a stuccoed window well that looks to be at least five feet deep. Our room is on the second floor.

When I asked about restaurant options, I was told that the place next door closes at nine, which was only half an hour away at the time. We hadn’t brought our luggage up, yet. Google was more helpful, showing us a poutinerie nearby. To accompany our poutine, we pulled out vegetables and hummus that we brought with us from home. We ate dinner on the bed while we watched TV on my iPad. The reception of the TV is too poor.

The hotel room has come to define the day, putting a haze over the drive that was spattered with rain. At times the sky was a gorgeous gradient of azure, the clouds whisped like the top of a milkshake. The further away we got from Toronto, the quieter the highway became. This city feels sleepy.

I can hear a neighbouring guest snoring.


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