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  • July 30 (31), 2023

    July 30 (31), 2023

    What a difference a day makes. We woke up in the hotel all right. I suggested that we get breakfast before showering and packing up so we did. We had a lost-in-translation moment: the receptionist told us that they have a “small” breakfast in the mornings but we understood that to mean a “short” breakfast…

  • July 29, 2023

    July 29, 2023

    After a nine-hour drive, we have ended up in a hotel room that feels like something out of Fawlty Towers, without the superfluous little staircase, but complete with the ‘70s vibe. The carpets are patterned with alternating strips of two different shades of red separated by alternating strips of two different shades of grey. The…

  • What is your preferred mode of travel?

    What is your preferred mode of travel?

    Is there anything better than a summer road trip? Open sunroofs, highways, and hearts. The world comes to you as you cruise, completely carefree.

  • Calgary, where 5°C feels like summer

    On New Year’s Day, -4ºC, my father walked down into the basement, which is my room, turned on the lights, and, in Katchi, softly said, “Aly. Aly, wake up slowly and take your mother to the hospital.” In Katchi, I replied, “Yeah, okay.”

  • My Dad Visited for a Week

    My dad woke me up at ten to four this morning. As if it hadn’t been several years since he last woke me up, I said, “I’ll get up in ten minutes.” My sister had booked him a ridiculously early flight back home, to Calgary, for this morning; he was visiting me for the last…

  • My Car is Now Registered in Ontario *tear*

    A little while back I wrote about my experience at the registry, while getting my Ontario driving licence. Well, folks, it arrived today, along with my insurance papers. I also got my plates today.

  • Getting My Driving Licence, Again

    I got my first car on March 17, 2007. Eight years later, to the day, I gave up my Alberta licence for an Ontario one. It made me a little sad.

  • Upcoming: Tales Of and From Mariposa

    During the last week, I have been looking for apartments in Toronto. It’s never fun looking for apartments, especially in Toronto. The pictures on the websites often don’t match the actual state of the unit, and the listed prices are, at best, relatively close but still less than what you’re actually going to pay each…

  • Snow Squall Warning

    Far be it for any Canadian to complain about the weather. There is a “Snow Squall Warning” in effect. I had to look up what a snow squall is.