May 17, 2023

My sister told me that if she finds something interesting, she’ll research it and then write about it. That is how she chooses to approach life. I love it. It’s simple and straightforward, much like her. She’s managed to make a career off of her curiosity. I want to do the same.

The conversation started with me asking her how to find a purpose in life. I often turn to her when I need some guidance. She said that the search is fruitless. So, I asked why she gets up in the morning. She told me because her eyelids open. I asked how she decides what to do during the day. She said she follows her task list. I asked how items get added to the list. She said because she has a deadline. So, I said that she lets other people decide what to prioritize for her. She responded by saying that her curiosities are what lead her.

Incredible. Annoyingly because, both, she knew I was looking for a more comprehensive answer and because it’s not a bad way to approach life.

The task now is for me to figure out what it is that I’m curious about and then go do something about it. Fearlessly and with conviction.


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