May 2, 2023

I’ve been working at this idea for about a month. It’s finally come together. Of course, I was hoping that I’d have everything sorted out sooner but it’s better now than never. Plus, it’s an idea I can keep building on.

The idea was a gift box for Mother’s Day. In it, I wanted to have a pen, candles, paper, and the box itself. Everything but the paper worked out. I’m good with that.

Selling my work is not easy for me. I don’t like asking people for money and I’m too quick to point out the flaws. I like having an online shop because I don’t have to ask people for money directly, nor do I have the opportunity to show them where I’m hoping to improve. Trouble is, I’m not really selling anything online. Not matter, though, because this is a venture that I’m willing to wait on.

What I like most about working on SANA Stationery & Gifts is that I get to work on problems that I enjoy solving. The work is hands on, requiring a fair deal of focus and patience. The possibilities are endless. The learning is constant. The growth is slow.

In order to do woodworking well, I’m finding, you have to put in the work and mind the details. You have to understand your tools and practice your skills. Getting better takes a lot of time. My guess is that it’s a lifelong pursuit.

A month’s worth of work doesn’t seem so long.


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