May 3, 2023

When is it a good time to make a change?

Now, right?

Well, I don’t know. There might be something to be said for waiting until the right time or the right point on a timeline.

I used to be able to remember dates and phone numbers. I can’t do that so easily anymore. It seems that I’m more forgetful than rememberable. Surely, I’m forgetting how much I actually do remember or I’m remembering more of what I’ve forgotten than remembered. It was important to me to develop a timeline of events so that I knew the order of things. 

Whenever I write my morning pages or in a journal, I start by writing the time and date. I also note the time when I finished writing. I think that I write differently at different times so I think it’s important to make note of that.

All this to say, I want to make some changes for my own betterment and am now struggling to figure out when I will.

Today seems like the perfect day, but so does tomorrow, and yesterday, as does the first of July. Ultimately, I think that things will change once I’m ready to make the change. I tried to quit smoking any number of times until it just worked out and stuck one time. Exercising regularly has been on my list of positive changes to make for about twenty-two years and I’m sure that one day it’ll happen or it won’t matter any more. Writing more on this blog seems to be going now, but it took a good while to get here.

There’s no right time for anything, really. How can there be? What makes now different from twenty-four hours from now, a week from now, or a month from now? We’ve just named the days so that we can identify them to help us create a timeline of events.

We need time to steel ourselves up for certain things, like asking someone out or skydiving. We also need time to come down from things, like asking someone out or skydiving. When we do things, whatever they may be, we are creating change in our lives. You went from not having a date to either having a date or still not having a date but you’ve definitely added, “Asking someone out,” to the list of things you’ve done. That’s a change.

Maybe none of this is worth worrying about. Maybe the best approach is a more organic one. Perhaps all we need to do is set a course and sail in the general direction, like a whimsical wave on an open sea. Eventually, we’ll hit shore.


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