It Would Seem as Though I’ve Been Doing Nothing With My Time

I’ve been living in Toronto, again, for about three weeks now. On paper, you would think that I’ve been doing nothing with my time, but the truth is much different.

I’ve been waiting.

I’m in an interesting position: I have a job but I don’t have any work. Yet. I’m not getting paid either. So, I find myself in that enviable position of being a man with a job, very little money, and nothing but time. Actually, that pretty much sums up how I’ve spent this past summer.

I have goals, too.

I’ve been thinking about a website for a tutoring service. I attended a bachelor party and the subsequent wedding. I’ve been out with my friends on a few occasions. And, I’ve watched a lot of Netflix. Let’s not forget about my relationship with my cat, which has only become stronger as a result of my time spent at home.

I stare hopefully at this mail slot everyday.
I stare hopefully at this mail slot everyday.

Here’s how my day generally breaks down:

8:15 — my alarm goes off
8:15 — hit snooze for the next hour, until the alarm gives up on trying
11:00 — will myself out of bed, because the robot vacuum has started and it’s nearly impossible to sleep when it’s making such an awful racket
11:30 — stop checking email and social media on my phone while laying in bed and put on a pot of coffee
12:00 — realize that it’s noon and I’ve been drinking coffee on the balcony for half an hour, watching my tomato plant, while thinking about why my composting bin is insufficient for next year’s plants and how I really should invest in some sort of vermiculture composting option, and considering what plants I should grow next year
12:05 — water the tomato plant, aghast at the fact that it requires over a litre of water each day
12:07 — start perusing BuzzFeed – I like the “LOL” feed
12:57 — start watching videos on YouTube – I prefer funny, British talk shows
13:49 — stare at the mail slot in the door, wondering when and if the mail will arrive today; start asking Riel what is happening with my life
~14:01 — start hearing mail being dropped in mail slots throughout the hallway
~14:03 — curse the fact that I didn’t receive any mail that I’m interesting in receiving
14:05 — decide that I should shower and get myself cleaned up for the day
14:45 — realize that I’ve only got about two hours left in the working day to connect with people whom I might need to connect with, and how I really should stop taking such long showers, even though I have a low-flow shower head.
14:58 — ask myself why I haven’t brought the glasses cleaning solution up from my car yet (it’s been in there for well over a year), and wipe the dry lenses of my glasses clean with the day’s t-shirt
15:00 — eat breakfast, usually Raisin Bran
15:15 — wash the dishes that have collected in the last day
15:24 — probably social media or some sort of undocumented research project or paying bills
16:12 — consider the merits of taking a nap
16:13 — begin my nap
18:00 — wake from nap, pee, check my phone, consider the merits of another hour of napping
18:03 — continue napping
19:00 — wake from nap, pee, lay in bed while checking my phone, and call out for Riel
19:04 — get out of bed, and seriously consider accomplishing something with my day


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