It’s been a long time since I’ve played with LEGO. Tonight, I did. For a few weeks now, I’ve had this urge to build something. But, I’m soft so LEGO was the only thing that I’d reasonably be able to approach. Here’s a video of me putting together the LEGO Architecture: London kit:

A Serious Lack of Motivation

These short days are starting to get really long. I mean, I like a quiet night in just as much as the next guy, but I’m getting really bored with myself. By the time I’ve woken up from my after-school nap, the sun is gone. A guy can’t live like this for much longer.

Is this ennui?

As if disinteresting enough to be unmemorable, I always have to look up the definition of “ennui” when I think of the word. I like how the word sounds. It’s the “en”, that French “on”, that I find most attractive about the word. But, then, la langue de l’amour has always been attractive to me,… Continue reading Is this ennui?

Day 15 of 30

The mucus has finally started flowing from my chest and nose. The chicken broth, NeoCitran, and Tylenol Cold & Flu that I’ve been quaffing back over the last 48 hours must be doing something.

Candle Making

I was feeling a little bored yesterday, so I decided to try my hand at candle making. It took me about six hours but it worked, sort of. I made a video for you. It’s fairly long, at 25 minutes, so be sure to enjoy with a cup of tea.

Burnt Chips

I tried to make some homemade potato chips today. This is how they turned out: Thinly sliced potatoes, dressed in olive oil, seasoned with black pepper and salt, will burn if you leave them in a 400°F oven for 30 minutes. These are inedible.

Paint Nite Toronto

On Sunday, around noon, I found myself incredibly bored. It’s not an entirely new feeling; I’ve been feeling experiencing some sort of profound boredom. It’s philosophical in proportion. Somewhere out there, there’s a great treatise on boredom that I haven’t read, but should probably get my hands on.

I’m up too late

Not having anything to get up for in the morning means that I stay up late. I did some laundry, which is now clean but still in the hamper. After the laundry, I did an assortment of things. Here’s a picture that sums up my evening. Bonus points if you know what song was playing… Continue reading I’m up too late