January 28, 2024

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I’d disappear.

Well, it depends on much the jackpot was. Anything over $20-million and I’d be gone real quick. Between $10 and $20 million, I’m definitely quitting my job. $1-$10 million and I’d probably stay put for the time being.

From whatever I won, I’d pay off my debt and my family’s. Everyone would get a cut, and then put the rest away into an investment. I’d buy a house, too.

I want to live very comfortably but not to excess. The right amount of money will bring freedom with it. Part of that would be throwing away my phone, hopping on a plane, landing in a place I’ve never been before, and calling it home. The people most important to me would get a free ticket to join me.

I wonder if I would keep this blog. Would I still work on building my woodworking business? How much would I actually miss my job? I’m sure – 100% positive – that I’d be able to keep myself busy. The question would then become about how many people I’d want to keep in my life, the answer a burden unto its own. A select few have already been chosen.


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