Day 16 of 30

Jason Statham is my favourite action hero. I’ve seen most of the movies that he’s in. I wouldn’t say that he has a lot of range, but I also wouldn’t say that I haven’t enjoyed most of the movies that I’ve seen him in.

Day 8 of 30

On Wednesday, the student I tutor and I went to the AGO. It’s free to go on Wednesday evenings between 6 and 9 pm. I wanted to try something different with him because he really doesn’t like doing his school work. I’m glad we went because he was excited by the spiralling staircase, that we… Continue reading Day 8 of 30

I’m Too Scared to Answer the Questions Writing Asks of Me

Instead of recording a “hand dance” tonight, I decided that I would work on a blog post. For about two hours, I was planning out a post (sometimes, I actually do make a plan for these things). The more I worked on the plan, the more disjointed my ideas became. Then, my mind wandered onto… Continue reading I’m Too Scared to Answer the Questions Writing Asks of Me

May 22, 2016

Dear Timothy, Please let me apologise for the delay in my response. When you’ve been given time, eternal amounts of it, it passes quickly and is spent on nothing. Any amount of work, no matter how pleasurable, seems not a waste but neither is it urgent.

April 5, 2016

Dear Mr. Walter, I read your obituary in yesterday’s paper this evening and felt compelled to write to you. Knowing very little about your life, other than what your family shared in the notice of your death, I’m still curious about what your life meant now that you are no longer living.