January 29, 2024

What are your favorite sports to watch and play?

I used to play volleyball. Correction. I was on the volleyball team in high school. For a time, I thought it was my favourite sport. In the end, it really wasn’t the sport for me.

Car racing has always interested me, but I never explored that interest until a few years ago when I got a subscription to F1 TV. I know a bit about cars, not so much that I could talk for hours about them, but enough to start a conversation and ask some questions to keep it going. When I was in Finland, rally car was popular so I learned a little about it.

As for F1, I’ve come to really enjoy it. I even follow all of the current drivers on Instagram. I try my best to stay up or wake up to watch the races in far-off time zones. I can watch all of the practice sessions, qualifying, and the race in a weekend without getting bored. That’s a lot of time spent watching 20 cars go ‘round a track repeatedly. The more I watch it, the more interesting it becomes.

Still, I need the commentary to help me understand what is happening, the tech talk shows are informative, and YouTube is a great source for helping me learn more. That’s okay, though, because part of the fun is the learning. Each new piece of information helps make what I’m watching more meaningful.

I don’t play any sports.


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