June 15, 2023

I ironed four shirts this evening. In December, one of my goals for this year was to dress better. Not as in get new clothes but to wear the clothes I have better. Ironing my shirts is part of that.

I think I’ve ironed six shirts all year. I wear a button-up every day. Each Sunday, I look at the shirts hanging in my closet and think that I really should iron them but I don’t. I’ve left the ironing board out to help motivate me but it just gets in the way. The cats like jumping on it, justifying my laziness with putting it away.

Each time I’ve worn an ironed shirt, I’ve gotten a compliment. The same shirt but wrinkled gets overlooked. It doesn’t even have to be wrinkled, it can just be unironed. It’s a funny thing.

Perhaps that’s the way it is with more things in life. We just accept things as they are until they aren’t like that anymore. Freshly paved roads receive approval from drivers. A new updo will get a few looks. A new nonstick frying pan is always better than the one you’ve been using.


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