Finding Silence One Page at a Time – 20 Months of Morning Pages

In 2002, Journals was released. It’s a collection of Kurt Cobain’s notes, letters, lists, and drawings. It could easily be argued that his music was his liberation, his way of finding nirvana. The collection shines a light on how Cobain thought. It’s an insight into who the man was behind the curtains, not behind the… Continue reading Finding Silence One Page at a Time – 20 Months of Morning Pages

Triggered or Cocked?

My knowledge of firearms is very limited. I’ve played a few hunting video games in my day but I’ve never fired a real gun. I’ve seen movies with people shooting at each other in them. My friends have told me stories about the times when they’ve fired guns. The custodian at work told me that… Continue reading Triggered or Cocked?

Rabbit hole

For the last few days, I have been going down a rabbit hole, trying to figure out why this statement rings so true for me. It’s new-agey, almost cheesy, and it’s a misremembering of a quotation from a movie about yoga that I was watching while lying, paralyzed in bed by back pain. Help?


I was stood there for at least 35 minutes, staring at the range of choices available to me, unable to make a decision. Each choice I was given offered different options: scouring, non-abrasive, non-stick, heavy duty, pots and pans, etc. Often, it’s the easiest decisions that are the hardest to make.