June 16, 2023

We’re staying at a hotel for the weekend. It’s in a small town and it looks like a motel. Our room is on the first floor. We have a parking lot view, like every other room.

When I was living in Calgary, I would travel around Alberta a bit for work. We often stayed in small towns. It felt a lot like being here.

I would take my camera with me when travelling. I had a Nikon D300s at the time. There wasn’t much to do in the towns we’d visit so I would go to the hotel bar for dinner and then get a mickey of whiskey to drink in my room. One night, I started taking pictures of the hotel room. From that night on, every time I was in a hotel room while travelling for work, I take pictures of the room. The curtains always stood out to me. I was most drawn to them as a subject.

It must be because they are so mundane. In every hotel room, the curtains look the same. Their function is their primary purpose. They looked like I felt in those towns.


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