May 23, 2023

I often wonder how other people see the world. The question is actually more like, “Do they not see what’s around them?” It happens most often when I’m traffic. That’s not to say I don’t stand amazed at the apparent differences in perspective throughout the day. I don’t stand when I’m driving – “stand” is used here as more of a figure of speech than a description.

I wonder how people see me.

It’s incredible that two people can be in the same circumstance, standing only a few feet apart, and, yet, the world is an entirely different place. What each of us sees is different. What we understand about what we’re looking at will be further apart.

How does this happen? It’s a series of small, incremental differences stacked one on top the other that shape the perspective we hold today. It’ll be new again tomorrow. We are like sculpture created by chipping away slowly at a rock. Were we moulded or sculpted?


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