May 24, 2023

I’m having a hard time trying to think of something to write about today. I have a book of 301 writing prompts. Instead, I’m going to write about why I’m not going to go get it.

This seems to be a habit, or maybe a pattern. I should be doing yoga or some exercise daily because I know the benefits but I don’t. I put things off, especially my marking, until the last minute. Waking up a bit earlier would help me manage my mornings but I’d rather stay up a little bit later. If I were to drive more slowly and passively, driving in this city would be that much less stressful. There are any number of things that I could, would, or should do.

I’m sure the psychology of it is interesting. It probably has something to do with immediate gratification and long-term thinking and planning. Again, I could look something up but I’m not going to.

I wonder if part of this is decision-fatigue. It’s easier to make decisions that are pleasurable because you’ll enjoy them. Those decisions take less energy to make. The harder decisions, the ones that are less pleasant, must take more energy to make.

Then, too, I can be quite lazy, not taking the time, or energy, to see things through to the end.


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