May 7, 2023

I wonder what it would take to put together a collection of essays. Several years back, I started working on a project I called “A Collection of Recollections”. I’m not when exactly but I just stopped working on it. The binder full of type-written pages is still on my bookshelf but I haven’t opened it in years.

It would be interesting to start working on a similar type of project. Writing about aspects of my life seems to be what I prefer writing about most. I’d like to see how many times I tell a story that I wrote about in my previous attempt. I’d then like to know how differently I tell the story now versus some seven years ago.

If I were to undertake something similar again, I’d have to approach it differently. I’d have to have an objective for each essay. I have to have a clear sense of what message I want to send with each piece. I have to be more intentional with my writing.


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