How do you show love?

Stationery. If I buy you a pen, I must really like you.

Over the years, I’ve given away a good few pens. People tend to come in and out of my life. A few have stuck around. I don’t know what’s happened to any of those pens.

Notebooks are okay. That’s more of a five-rose friendship. I’ve received a few notebooks and used them.

Once, I gave someone a box of pencils. They were really nice pencils. The Blackwing ones. I included a Blackwing pencil sharpener, too.

About a year ago, I started making pens. I’ve given far too many away. So many that I’ve been told to stop. Each went with its own meaning. I gave them out as year-end gifts, to close friends, and even to a crush.

Sometimes, I find myself in a magnanimous mood.


4 Responses to “How do you show love?”

  1. Nicole Smith Avatar

    You make pens? Where is a pic of the pens?

    1. aly Avatar

      I do! I’m just working on a website right now but you can see some of them on my Instagram: Any feedback is always appreciated.

  2. christensonfam Avatar

    What a fun, creative way to show love!

    1. aly Avatar

      Thank you!

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