What’s a lie you tell yourself?

The problem with most of the lies that I tell myself is that I think most of them are, in fact, truths. What I believe to be true and what other people believe to be true can differ and that’s when things get a bit confusing.

My self-perception is put to the test often. Whether it’s about how I look or something I’ve done, what I see is often not what other people do. It’s happened before where, after some time away, a thing that I’ve made looks different to me. Usually, it’s better than I remember. I can’t see the faults as easily after I haven’t thought about them for a while.

When I start ruminating on an issue, things get worse over time. I get trapped in the boundaries of the reality that I’ve created. Despite knowing that I’m entirely responsible for my perception of the situation, I can’t look at it any differently. I dig my heels in.

The truth is that I lie to myself all of the time, I just don’t when or what about.


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  1. christensonfam Avatar

    I wish it were easier to tell the difference. Especially when dealing with conflict with people. I can easily lie that the other person is the one at fault and ignore my own faults or neglect to see them as the other person does. Thanks for the reminder.

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