What is your preferred mode of travel?

Is there anything better than a summer road trip? Open sunroofs, highways, and hearts. The world comes to you as you cruise, completely carefree.

Nothing tastes better than shitty, roadside diner coffee, fast food burgers, and slightly melted chocolate bars. Empty bottles collect underneath the seats like souvenirs.

Eventually, you find a groove. Driving along the highway is easy. The longer, scenic route makes sense to take. When you’re heading to wherever you’re going, you enjoy taking your time. Each new town is an exciting place to stop simply because you’ve never seen it before.

You have energy, despite the poor sleep you get in cheap hotels or the driver’s seat of the car. Truck stops are a great place to pull over into when you drive a four-door sedan. You, too, are on the road.

Airports and train stations are mazes of people, fatigued and frustrated. You have to show your ticket and you’re committed to a single destination. Your time isn’t yours to spend; you’re on someone else’s schedule.

On the road, you can drive for a single hour or sixteen. The day is yours. The roads can take you anywhere — all you’re doing is driving.


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