Day 4 of 30

I was exhausted today. Four hours of sleep and only one coffee makes the day difficult to get through. Tack on some rain and throw in children who are self-identifying as, “loopy,” and I’m beat.

End the working day with a two-hour long nap, and you’ll still find me sitting lethargically.

When I got to work this morning, I thought that this must be how adults feel: tired with a full agenda. I’m usually tired but hardly productive enough to be an adult. I also thought about how it’s even possible to be an adult if this is what every day feels like.

I honestly considered having a coffee after work to help stave off a nap, but I knew that I was fooling myself by even having had the thought.

If I were to accomplish daily what I was able to accomplish yesterday, I’d get a lot more done. But when would I get to experience the small pleasures in life like food and rest? How would I find time to think?

How can someone who doesn’t nap daydream?

I know and admire a lot of hard working people. I stand in awe of them. That they can face a smile or bear one is a simple miracle. It’s amazing how much joy they can squeeze out of a single moment, embracing and treasuring it.

What goes through their heads when they eventually rest their heads on their pillows?

Last night, I slept as well for those four hours as I do during my naps. I was in bed and asleep within about 15 minutes, not enough time to finish a single episode of any TV show. When my sister knocked on the door to wake me up, I asked for another ten minutes. I got up in eight. She was ready to leave before I had finished waking up in the shower.

While on route back to the airport, I mechanically drove to work.





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