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  • Day 21 of 30

    Day 21 of 30

    I’ve got about half an hour to type this up tonight. I’m heading out to a social event on a Friday evening. It’s rarely good for me to break my routine.

  • Day 20 of 30

    My umbrella got wet today. That’s what happens when I use it in the rain. I went for a bit of a walk to run some errands in the evening.

  • Day 19 of 30

    For all that my experience as an exchange student in Finland was, I walked away from the experience with an appreciation for visual arts. It was during my time there that I took my first art class, bought my first SLR camera, and took my first photography class. I also visited the Fernando Botero exhibition…

  • Day 18 of 30

    I’d make a terrible parent. I know this because I just bought Riel a new cat tree.

  • Day 17 of 30

    Day 17 of 30

    I just paid some $650 to get my taxes sorted. What’s irking me most about this is that about $35 of that went to service fees to file and pay my taxes. Thing is, I don’t understand the tax system well enough to make trying to skirt those fees feasible. In the end, the $35…

  • Day 16 of 30

    Jason Statham is my favourite action hero. I’ve seen most of the movies that he’s in. I wouldn’t say that he has a lot of range, but I also wouldn’t say that I haven’t enjoyed most of the movies that I’ve seen him in.

  • Day 15 of 30

    The mucus has finally started flowing from my chest and nose. The chicken broth, NeoCitran, and Tylenol Cold & Flu that I’ve been quaffing back over the last 48 hours must be doing something.

  • Day 14 of 30

    Over the years, I’ve started many writing projects. I’ve completed none of them. There was a time when I wanted to write a novel, another when I wanted to put together a collection of short stories, and I’m constantly neglecting my journal. I’m not sure if this was all a wasted effort or if it’ll…

  • Day 13 of 30

    I’ve been looking forward to this long weekend since March Break ended. Of course, I woke up with a slightly sore throat this morning. As the day wore on, my throat got worse.

  • Day 12 of 30

    Day 12 of 30

    I do some pretty stupid shit from time to time. I regularly make acceptable mistakes. In each instance, more often than not, I apologise for what I’ve done wrong.

  • Day 11 of 30

    The writing was on the wall, my Facebook wall, and it read, “You should smile more!” Being cautious even at the suggestion provided by stop signs, I was given pause upon reading this.

  • Day 10 of 30

    Day 10 of 30

    When I was in junior high, our English teacher used to say that if you can’t think of anything to write you should repeatedly write, “I can’t think of what to write,” or something similar, until you come to an idea. It sounded ridiculous then, and still does, but, in a way, it works.