Day 5 of 30

One thing that has been on my mind a fair bit lately is the importance of good underwear. I have a good idea of which pairs of my underwear are good, alright, and on reserve. Not too long ago, I made a trip to Costco and picked up four new pairs of underwear. Since then, I’ve been wanting to cull the pairs that I’ve already worn.

Generally, I save the good underwear for the days I’m expecting to be rough, because of bad sleep or a busy schedule, or for days that I’m excited about, like those that’ll lead to a night out after work. Otherwise, I try to wear the underwear that is alright. I only wear the underwear that is on reserve when I’ve run out of clean pairs from the other two groups.

My preferred style of underwear is the boxer brief. Growing up, I wore briefs exclusively. In high school, I switched to boxers for a short while. Soon, though, I was hooked on boxer briefs. I like the way they hug your thigh while still providing enough room for hangage.

Currently, I have boxer briefs, and I have a few boxers due to an oversight during purchase. These boxers along with the boxer briefs with elastic waistbands that have stretched irrevocably make up the reserves. Most of my boxer briefs aren’t as snug as some, and these make up the alright pairs. The good ones, they fit just right. These are the baby bears.

Lately, I’ve been wondering why every day isn’t a good underwear day. It’d be easy to implement, if I could bring myself to throw out the alright and reserve pairs. I probably need to make only one more trip to Costco to outfit myself with enough pairs of good underwear.

But, do I deserve a good underwear day every day? Aren’t some days just alright and others less so? How will I treat myself when I get my next chance at a date that I’m looking forward to? How will I pick myself up the day after?





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