My Maa Helped Me Move to Toronto

I made it. After two, rather long, weeks, I’m finally settled in Toronto. I dropped my mom off at the airport this evening, after her two-week stay. You see, she came out to help me move.

Before arriving, my mother emailed me a schedule for the 12 days that she was to stay. With only a few hiccups, we stayed on schedule, moving me from Orillia to Toronto, and taking only about six days to complete.

It has been a very long time since I’ve seen my mother work that hard for nearly two straight weeks. What’s worse, she made me work only slightly less hard than she was. She was kind though, allowing me coffee breaks and half an hour to sleep in on a few mornings. She also agreed to let me see my friends on a Friday night.

Her goal was to see me settled before she left, and she was ever so successful. Here are a some pictures of my place as proof:

Living is easy.
Living is easy. I can recline, and cover myself in a micro-fleece blanket.
This is where you can cook.
This is where you can cook. I now know how to make that cake you see there.
Very little business takes place here.
Very little business takes place here.
This is where business takes place.
This is where business takes place. Toilet lid remains closed. Always.
This is where real business takes place.
This is where real business takes place. What? You don’t have a laptop and teddy bears on your bed?

Now, I have to admit, I’m dog-tired, and I can only imagine how fatigued my mother is. What would have taken me about five years to do, my mom ensured took place in a fortnight. I can’t thank my parents enough for the sacrifice, in terms of time and money, that they have made as an act of confidence in my future.

So, now I’m settled in my newest home, and I’m waiting for my next great adventure. I’m going to be really comfortable, and my Maa and Pa are to thank for it. Y’all are welcome to visit, but no pop-ins. I hate the pop-in. Hate the pop-in.

(I should be able to start blogging more regularly again, now that I’ll be able to set my own schedule. And, I never did write those stories about my time in Mariposa.)


2 Responses to “My Maa Helped Me Move to Toronto”

  1. Shemine Avatar

    Looks like you scored some new furniture?
    Did mum leave without ensuring there were blinds in your bedroom? :0
    Looks great, can’t wait to visit!

    1. Bernard Avatar

      I did…I got a new recliner! Incredible. Maa had certain expectations for herself, which she met (20 times over).

      I have blackout curtains in the bedroom. I need to set an alarm.

      Your key is hanging on the hook. You can pop in.


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