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  • July 27, 2023

    July 27, 2023

    I rotated my tires today. Six tire changes took place. I kept wishing I had just paid the guy to do it when I went in for an oil change.

  • Five Years in Toronto

    Five Years in Toronto

    “As much as it pains me to say it,” said my mother, “you needed to move to Toronto, and you’re not ready to move yet. You’ve had to struggle and everything you’ve gained you’ve had to work for. It hasn’t been easy for you, or us.”

  • Day 21 of 30

    Day 21 of 30

    I’ve got about half an hour to type this up tonight. I’m heading out to a social event on a Friday evening. It’s rarely good for me to break my routine.

  • Day 17 of 30

    Day 17 of 30

    I just paid some $650 to get my taxes sorted. What’s irking me most about this is that about $35 of that went to service fees to file and pay my taxes. Thing is, I don’t understand the tax system well enough to make trying to skirt those fees feasible. In the end, the $35…

  • Sister’s Orders: One Social Activity a Week

    It may be a new problem for me, but I think it might have started in high school or earlier. Over the last year, increasingly, I’ve been finding myself anxious in social situations. It’s not so much in the one-on-one situations, but more in the alone-in-a-crowd or with-a-group situations.

  • Shorter Days, Longer Thoughts

    Shorter Days, Longer Thoughts

    There’s something about the shortest days of the year that make them the toughest to bear. It’s as if their centre of gravity has been lowered, making them harder to push through.

  • Summer Sixteen

    Let me start by apologising for the reference to Drake with the title. It’s catchy and rhythmic, though. He must have good writers.

  • Cooking with Bernard

    Step 1: Disable fire alarm. Step 2: Prepare meal. Step 3: Buy new frying pan.

  • A Healthy Social Life Alone?

    A Healthy Social Life Alone?

    It hit me last night when I caught myself looking at pictures of ex-girlfriends. As if remembering the tragedy of failed relationships will somehow bring my current outlook on life into sharper focus, I turn to the photos of smiling women who I once thought of spending my future with. Maybe it’s the memory of…

  • It’s Only Lonely Once Everybody Has Left

    It’s Only Lonely Once Everybody Has Left

    My aunt died at her ex-husband’s funeral, just over a week ago. I don’t know many of the details, but I gather that she suffered a heart attack while at the funeral. It happened on a Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday evening my immediate family was gathered in my one-bedroom apartment.

  • Thoughts About My Teaching Career, So Far

    I’ve been thinking about what it means for me to pursue a teaching career. I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m not one of the luckiest ones, but I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve been very fortunate to have other teachers and school administrators enjoy working with me and having me in their schools.…

  • I’m Not Ready to Date

    About three weeks ago, I went on a fourth! – that I got that far should be cause for celebration – date with a woman who I quite liked. She is nice, smart, and caring. If I were to date someone, she’s a really good candidate. Except, at some point during dinner she asked if…