It’s Time to Quit

I’ve decided to finally do something that I shouldn’t ever have had to choose to do — quit smoking. It’s Friday the 13th and a full moon is rising from the east, so today is as good a day as any to make a nerve-wracking decision. I actually made the decision on Wednesday past, but that’s less of an exciting introduction to this story.

The reason for wanting to quit it simple: I’m tired of smoking. I’m probably tired because of smoking, too. More than that, it’s really just time to quit. I’ve held onto this addiction and habit for far too long.

When my family was up over the weekend for my convocation, it became clear to me how much of a dink I am when I’m not getting my regular nicotine fix. It’s really unacceptable how intolerable I can be when I’m not smoking.

I’ve been researching methods for quitting smoking for a couple of months, trying to find the best way to help me quit. I have tried the patch in the past, there are a couple of bubble packs of nicotine gum sitting in my medicine cabinet, and I’ve got a thing of nicotine spray sitting in my car’s glove box. They didn’t quite do the trick. But, then, maybe I just wasn’t ready to quit until now.

I bought this e-cigarette, complete with pomegranate flavoured e-liquid, to help me quit smoking.
I bought this e-cigarette, complete with pomegranate flavoured e-liquid, to help me quit smoking.

On Wednesday, I went out and bought a fancy doohickey called an e-cigarette. I still haven’t thrown out my pack of cigarettes, but this e-cigarette has been helping me reduce my smoking.

I have to admit to enjoying smoking. I like it. There is something immensely pleasurable about smoking. Still, it’s not worth it.

I’m worried that I’m just trading one addiction for another, without nixing the habit associated with smoking. After a bit of research, I’m not even sure what the effects of puffing (“vaping” as it’s so-called) on an e-cigarette are; there’s a lot of conflicting research. I still think it’s better than smoking cigarettes.

Anyway, one consistent piece of advice I read about quitting smoking is to tell others about your plans, and keep them informed on your progress. So, there you have it, dear reader, I’m quitting smoking. And, I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes.


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