First Day at Teachers College

Today began like most other days do: I woke up. My darling mother, worried that I would sleep through my alarm, called me at 6am (4am where she is) to make sure that I was awake and ready for the day. She also reminded me to eat before I left for school.

So, I woke up. Went through my morning routine, more tired on this particular morning. Then, I found myself running late. I’m always running late.

But, I made it to my first class on time.

There was a strange mist in the air this morning. It was almost as if the rain were being indecisive, and hesitated on its way to the ground. The drops of water just hung around, and let you decide to run into them. Still, it was impossible to dodge all of them.

It was also chilly this morning, so I had to wear a sweater. It’s September 3rd for fuck’s sake, and I had to wear a sweater. It should’ve been sunny and warm.

Still, despite the weather, I made it to class on time.

I walked down to the school. It only took about 20 minutes. As I walked through the main doors, I was greeted, two and a half feet from the door, by a welcoming committee. They wanted to let me know about a barbecue happening on Saturday, and that I should pick up my UPass (the pass for local transit). I was fishing through my bag for my class schedule, and only half-heartedly acknowledged the efforts of these kind volunteers. I mentioned that I had to get to class, but would take care of these things later.

So, I walked down the stairs, into the basement, and down the hallway searching for my classroom. I opened the door, and the class was full. I mean, people, I was 8 minutes early, so what time did you get here? Why are there so many of you? Why are you all sitting at tables for four? Where are the desks? What the fuck is happening right now? Where is there an empty seat?

I found an empty seat, and asked the women sitting at the table if I could join them. They let me. For the next 8 minutes, I sat and waited for class to begin. The women were talking to one another, and I wasn’t in the mood to interrupt them. I was still wondering what time they had all gotten there.

And, then, class began. As if we had all just come back from winter break, knew each other, and knew what was going on, class began. After a short introduction by the professor, we all went outside for a Thanksgiving ceremony. It was interesting enough.

After we got back inside, we did a few activities and then it was time for the next class. No scheduled break. What? After two hours of class, we don’t have a break before our next two-hour class?

(We had about five minutes, so I nipped out for a quick cigarette.)

The next class started before I got there. The professor started a minute early, by my clock. And, like the previous class, we just got into it.

By 12:30pm I was a bit tired and confused. Wasn’t something supposed to have happened? Shouldn’t I have taken notes on something? Why do I have so many assignments due in the next four weeks?

Anyway, that was only two of the ten classes that I’ll be taking this semester.

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