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  • Chestnuts

    It must have been the winter of 2005 when I went with friends to Place des Arts in Montreal to take in the winter festivities. I distinctly remember having roasted chestnuts for the first time then. We bought them from a street vendor and they came in a hot paper bag.

  • Convocation

    If you ever wondered what I look like while sitting in class, this is a good example:

  • In Class Assignment

    In teachers college, we sometimes pretend to be the students we will teach one day. Today, we pretended to be grade one students writing Valentine’s Day cards. I was the only one who wrote to his/her pet, when asked to write to a loved one. Riel can’t read yet, so we’re still working on high-frequency…

  • The Contents of My Sink

    The Contents of My Sink

    Here is what is currently in my sink: ten coffee mugs three short (highball) glasses, two used for coffee and one for juice one tall glass, used for coffee three bowls two spoons the cat’s wet food bowl Yep, I haven’t done the dishes for a few days.

  • Interpersonal Distance

    Interpersonal Distance

    On Thursday night, our cohort went out together to grab a few drinks. At some point during the night, they wanted to take a photo of the group. I stepped aside, out of the picture, despite their requests for me to join them. We ended up having a great night together, but I’ll never be…

  • First Day at Teachers College

    First Day at Teachers College

    Today began like most other days do: I woke up. My darling mother, worried that I would sleep through my alarm, called me at 6am (4am where she is) to make sure that I was awake and ready for the day. She also reminded me to eat before I left for school. So, I woke…

  • Math That’ll Mess With Your Head

    Math That’ll Mess With Your Head

    I just went into the school’s office to register for a brush-up session for Primary/Junior (K-6) math. You see, as part of my program, I have to sit an exam that’ll test my competency in math. I believe this is Ontario’s way of ensuring that teachers actually know math, before they teach it.