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  • Convocation

    If you ever wondered what I look like while sitting in class, this is a good example:

  • Speak Up, Stupid!

    I’ve been practice teaching in a grade five/six combined-class for the last three weeks, here in Mariposa. It’s been an interesting experience, and a lot of work. It’s all good work, but it’s a lot. Anyway, today was my mid-point review, and so I’ve decided to take the night off and write about the last…

  • Tomorrow’s Visualisation Exercise

    Holy busy, Batman! Sweet mother of all things human, I’m busy. Even taking the ten minutes to write this post feels like I’m cheating on my commitment to learning how to teach students. Did you know that I have every minute of every school day mapped out for the next three weeks? Anyway, tomorrow at…

  • “Hey Bernard, Want a Teaching Job in London, England?”

    “Hey Bernard, want a teaching job in London, England?” “You know, let me think about it for a day or two. I also have a few questions for you about the position. “It starts in September, right? And, it’s a guaranteed-pay position, yeah? “So, I’ll be living and working in London, England? As a teacher?…

  • In Class Assignment

    In teachers college, we sometimes pretend to be the students we will teach one day. Today, we pretended to be grade one students writing Valentine’s Day cards. I was the only one who wrote to his/her pet, when asked to write to a loved one. Riel can’t read yet, so we’re still working on high-frequency…

  • Transitioning to Pencil Use

    Becoming a teacher is an arduous process. I mean, it definitely has its rewards, but there are certain demands placed on teachers that I never realized existed until I started my practicum. Forget about all of the lesson planning (the hours spent planning lessons), and the early mornings (I’m up before 5:30 am everyday of…

  • Blogging As A Teacher – Professional Considerations

    Blogging As A Teacher – Professional Considerations

    I’ve spent much of this afternoon culling my online presence, and reading guidelines (Advisories) issued by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) on the topics of social media and electronic communication. While I’m no further ahead in figuring out what I should do about my blog, what follows are some thoughts about my online presence.

  • First Day at Teachers College

    First Day at Teachers College

    Today began like most other days do: I woke up. My darling mother, worried that I would sleep through my alarm, called me at 6am (4am where she is) to make sure that I was awake and ready for the day. She also reminded me to eat before I left for school. So, I woke…

  • Tomorrow Is the First Day of School

    Tomorrow Is the First Day of School

    I start teachers college tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for tomorrow for about six months now, and it’s finally come. I wasn’t feeling at all nervous, until about 15 minutes ago. It’s after 11pm right now, and my first class starts at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will hopefully mark the beginning of more than just teachers college.

  • Math That’ll Mess With Your Head

    Math That’ll Mess With Your Head

    I just went into the school’s office to register for a brush-up session for Primary/Junior (K-6) math. You see, as part of my program, I have to sit an exam that’ll test my competency in math. I believe this is Ontario’s way of ensuring that teachers actually know math, before they teach it.