Welcome to Mariposa

Last week was a bit busy, but I’m now stationed in Mariposa. I still have to make my way down to Toronto every so often, but that’s not much of a bother.

Here is what happened last week.


It was my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. Imagine, 35 years of being married to the same person, and still being in love! Madness. I think you have to be mad to be successful in marriage.

My dad and my sister arrived in Toronto, as their first stop on their way to Tanzania. This, I think, is how my parents have stayed married: my mother booked my dad a six week vacation that began on their 35 wedding anniversary.

Two of my very good friends got married out West. I was supposed to be at the wedding, but with all that I have going on out here, I couldn’t make it. I wish I had been there. I’m upset about the whole thing.


My dad and sister helped me move my bed, couch, and random other things from my old place to my new place. My dad has helped me make every significant move that I’ve ever made, so it just felt right to have him help me with this one. This was the first time that my sister has helped me move. She’s a bit of a stress-case when it comes to moving, but my dad’s getting older and likes doing heavy lifting less than he used to.

One of my best friends from back home text messaged me to let me know that he just had a kid! I thought the baby boy was due on the 18th, but he made it through the canal a little sooner than expected. He’s going to be a cool little devil, let me tell you. Both of his parents are great people.


I found out, through Facebook of course, that one of my best friends from university got engaged! She’s a nice girl, so I’m super happy for him. My sister is a little disappointed, because of her latent crush on my friend. Actually, I don’t know one woman who doesn’t have a little crush on my buddy. It made talking to women difficult for me, but now that he’s off the market I might have more success when he and I go out together.

My dad and sister left for the next leg of their journey – Dubai. It was sad to see my sister go. I won’t see her for another year, at least. This is going to be a great year for her, though. I couldn’t be happier to see her doing something she loves doing.

I said goodbye to a friend in Toronto, who is leaving to go back to France for a bit before he moves to Montreal. A nice guy. He’s going to do well.

Spent my first night in Mariposa. It’s a quiet little town, and I slept well.


Woke up in Mariposa. For the life of me, I can’t remember what I did on Thursday. I probably spent the day unpacking a little bit, and just running errands. Can’t be sure, though.

I remember taking a walk in the evening, stopping in at random pubs in town. It’s a sleepy little town, it is.


I bought a fishing rod and fishing license. I tried to go fishing, but I couldn’t find anywhere to fish! For a town that boasts about angling, it sure is difficult to drop a line. I have to do some more research. I’m determined to get back into fishing while I’m out here.

Otherwise, I spent the day running errands and cleaning up, before heading into Toronto to pick up my mom from the airport. She’s staying with my grandmother, so I spent the night in my old place. I slept on an air mattress that deflated through the night.


Packed up a little bit more in my old place, then drove up to Mariposa to unpack.

I went to Mariposa’s one and only nightclub and had a great night. I made a new friend early on, so I had somebody to laugh and joke around with while getting drunk. I danced. I remember dancing like an idiot. It was a good time.


Spent the day in. Didn’t do much more than watch movies. I just needed a day off.


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