Upcoming: Tales Of and From Mariposa

During the last week, I have been looking for apartments in Toronto. It’s never fun looking for apartments, especially in Toronto. The pictures on the websites often don’t match the actual state of the unit, and the listed prices are, at best, relatively close but still less than what you’re actually going to pay each… Continue reading Upcoming: Tales Of and From Mariposa

I’ve Got a Date Tomorrow at Noon

It’s now 2:20 am, and I’ve been awake thinking about the date that I have tomorrow at noon. I’ve been passing the time by chatting with friends over pints of beer, and reading a book by my high school sweetheart, who is now married, with child, and happier than I could ever have made her. I’m… Continue reading I’ve Got a Date Tomorrow at Noon

Oh, Toronto

When I’m in Mariposa, I enjoy the town, and its quiet and routine. I enjoy the countryesque lifestyle. The people here are friendly and welcoming. Everything is just, nice. That is, until I visit Toronto.

Quiet Snows of Mariposa

I just finished my first placement. I was working at a school in Etobicoke. I would commute from this quiet little town, that I call home, to the fringes of the big smoke every morning. Incidentally, I would find myself driving back in the evenings.