Tag: Imagination

  • In Conversation With Myself

    Last week I wrote a quick post on doing weird things and needing to be taught how to recognize and correct these errors. While putting away some papers that have been sitting on my desk for a while, I found this transcribed conversation that I had with myself about a month ago. This is probably…

  • My Thoughts on My Personal Projects – Video

    My Thoughts on My Personal Projects – Video

    A few nights ago, I tried my hand at scripting a video instead of writing a blog post. I then recorded myself on video reading it back. Here are the results: I’ve got a lot to learn about videography.

  • Sketches and planning a zine

    I finished my coursework for today, today. In fact, I finished it in good time. Well, it was late but it was on time.

  • 7 Seasons to Rewatch

    Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m slightly more than thrilled about this. All that I’ve ever known about love has come from my infatuation with Rory Gilmore. Dean, Jess, and Logan were merely stand-ins, as far as I’m concerned. It’s surprising that I’ve never written any fan fiction…

  • I’ve Got a Date Tomorrow at Noon

    I’ve Got a Date Tomorrow at Noon

    It’s now 2:20 am, and I’ve been awake thinking about the date that I have tomorrow at noon. I’ve been passing the time by chatting with friends over pints of beer, and reading a book by my high school sweetheart, who is now married, with child, and happier than I could ever have made her. I’m…

  • A Woman Wearing a Sun Hat Sitting Atop the Hill

    On Saturday afternoon, my friends and I went to Christie Pits Park in Toronto. We dropped our bikes and belongings down about half way up a hill, close to the corner of Bloor Street West and Christie Street. That’s also where we sat, for over five hours, or something like that.

  • Tomorrow’s Visualisation Exercise

    Holy busy, Batman! Sweet mother of all things human, I’m busy. Even taking the ten minutes to write this post feels like I’m cheating on my commitment to learning how to teach students. Did you know that I have every minute of every school day mapped out for the next three weeks? Anyway, tomorrow at…

  • My First Teeth Falling Out Dream

    My First Teeth Falling Out Dream

    When I googled “teeth falling out dream” the first thing that came up was sexual repression.

  • Can I Send Myself an Email?

    Can I Send Myself an Email?

    I really should be doing homework, but what I really want to do is write a letter to somebody and tell them what I’m thinking about. I want to sit down in a pub, with my laptop, and write a letter. Well, I guess I’d be writing an email.

  • Wasting Time Thinking

    Wasting Time Thinking

    I spend a lot of time thinking. In fact, I probably spend too much time thinking. From the minute I hit snooze on my alarm clock until I reset it at night, my mind is racing. There are very few moments of thoughtlessness during my waking day, if any. I’ve even started to dream more…