My First Teeth Falling Out Dream

When I googled “teeth falling out dream” the first thing that came up was sexual repression.

I went down for a nap one afternoon, a couple of days ago. My nap didn’t start well. Every time that I closed my eyes, I saw the face of an ex-girlfriend smiling lovingly at me. I thought I’d never fall asleep, with her staring at me, but I was in desperate need of some rest.

I must have fallen asleep because what finally woke me was my first teeth-falling-out dream. I’m still not sure which was worse: her beautiful face or the dream. I’ll tell you about the dream.

I don’t tend to remember my dreams, and I’m rarely woken up because of one, but this dream scared the shit out of me.

In my dream, it was as if I was looking at myself in the mirror, watching myself pull the teeth right out of my mouth. In fact, it wasn’t even pulling. It was more of a gentle push by my tongue that was enough to set my teeth free. There wasn’t even any bleeding. The first tooth I lost was on my lower jaw, just to the right of centre. The next was a molar at the back, second from my removed wisdom tooth on the left side of my face. The third was the big tooth on my top jaw, just left of centre.

That’s when I woke up.

Fucking hell, I’m an ugly guy without all of my teeth. The first thing I did, once I realized that I was now awake, was touch all of my teeth with the index finger of my right hand. I had to make sure that they were all there. Thankfully, they were. They still are, too.

So, I googled this dream and found this website: I haven’t really read through much of the website, but it’s good to know that it’s there.

You know what worries me most? That I can relate to many of the points/interpretations related to my dream.

I better find a girlfriend, if I ever want to nap again; this no-sleep-no-teeth-no-sex thing just won’t fly.


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