March 28, 2024

It’s impossible to know how what you’re doing will have an impact on your future. There’s no better argument for living a life full of experiences. You may very well need to draw from any one of them later in life.

I had no idea how my work in computers would one day impact my value add as a teacher. Hell, I never thought I’d be a teacher until I applied to a Bachelor of Education program. Nor did I know how working for the student newspaper would one day benefit me in a woodworking venture.

While working at The Gauntlet, the University of Calgary’s student newspaper, as the photo editor, I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator. Nowadays, I’m using it to help me design products to make with my laser engraver and cutter. I’m rusty but making do. Google and YouTube are great for finding out how to make an idea happen. So is just messing around until something works. Slowly, and with varying degrees of frustration, I’m getting things together.

Tonight, I got a working model of a tea light lantern done. It features a couple of foxes under a tree. I like how the image wraps around a corner. That wasn’t part of my initial plan but it worked out well. I can’t decide if I like the dark edges on the finger joints or if I should sand them down. Hannah suggested that I make a base for the shades to sit on, making placing and lighting the candle easier. These iterations are a very important part of the process.

Who knows where this will lead, but at least I’ll have a little light illuminating the way.


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