March 13, 2024

I wish that more days could be like yesterday and today, spending my time working for myself and seeing some progress.

I opened a business bank account today after receiving a cheque addressed to SANA Stationery & Gifts (feel free to send yours along). I figured it was a good time to officially separate the finances. Hopefully, it’s going to work out well.

After about two weeks of running tests and one week of actual printing, I think the router template for the resin table that I want to build is complete. Next, I have to see if it’ll actually work.

Finally, the 49-piece Easter-themed puzzles are ready to sell. That took a bit of doing, and another order of wood, but I’m ready to start running them off.

The day was busy but it wasn’t stressful. Even when my 3D printer stopped working, and the couple of hours it took to repair it, the experience was positive. It would be great if more days could be like today.

I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. I have an appointment with the optometrist.


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