March 6, 2024

Noises are muffled on the left side of my head. It feels like there’s cotton wool jammed into my left ear. I think I’m getting sick. With March Break only two sleeps away, my body might be preparing for the slow down. This has happened in the past, me getting sick at the beginning of a break, but it hasn’t happened in a while.

I gave a presentation today. It was over Google Meet and part of the Digital Lead Learner program that I’ve signed up to participate in. I’m in my third and final year of it. It’ll be good to done with it. I was ill prepared, my part didn’t go so well, and I’m unbothered. With so much going on right now, there’s not much left in me to care about how to use green screens to make videos with students. Before the presentation, I was reminded of all of the corrections I didn’t make and why deadlines are important to adhere to. Thankfully, I could only hear half of it.

In other news, I think I’ve settled on some dimensions for dovetail connections for the pieces that’ll make up the router template I’ll use to cut out the base for a resin table. The project started back in November and has been very slow going since then. The upcoming break will be a good opportunity to get some work done on it. The 3D printing of the parts will likely take several days, if not a week, to complete.

It’s now just after 9:30 pm and I’m writing this in bed, with the lights off, and the bedroom door left ajar for the cats. I’m going to turn on the TV, put something on that I’ve seen before, and hope to fall asleep soon. I’m looking forward to a reset, to get back on good footing.





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