Looking for a Good Time? Call Me

The last two months of my life have been absolutely nuts. I mean, it’s just been crazy. But, it has all rounded out fantastically. I started my second teaching practicum placement six weeks ago. A few weeks before then, I met a girl down in Toronto. Two weeks into the placement, I had an interview with… Continue reading Looking for a Good Time? Call Me

Tomorrow’s Visualisation Exercise

Holy busy, Batman! Sweet mother of all things human, I’m busy. Even taking the ten minutes to write this post feels like I’m cheating on my commitment to learning how to teach students. Did you know that I have every minute of every school day mapped out for the next three weeks? Anyway, tomorrow at… Continue reading Tomorrow’s Visualisation Exercise

Tomorrow Is the First Day of School

I start teachers college tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for tomorrow for about six months now, and it’s finally come. I wasn’t feeling at all nervous, until about 15 minutes ago. It’s after 11pm right now, and my first class starts at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will hopefully mark the beginning of more than just teachers college.

Math That’ll Mess With Your Head

I just went into the school’s office to register for a brush-up session for Primary/Junior (K-6) math. You see, as part of my program, I have to sit an exam that’ll test my competency in math. I believe this is Ontario’s way of ensuring that teachers actually know math, before they teach it.