February 11, 2024

Have I told you about our bread maker? If I have, my apologies for repeating myself.

This morning, Hannah woke up wanting a bagel. This is normal, especially on Sundays. She likes to get up a little later than usual, put on sweatpants and a hoodie, and go get herself a coffee and a bagel.

Isn’t there a dating app whose name has to do with coffee and bagels? I’ve been out of the dating game for a while, now.

In any case, she searched up a bagel spot nearby on her phone before getting out of bed this morning. All of the ones she found were either too far away or closed. She said she wanted a “Toronto bagel,” but had to settle for Tim Horton’s.

When I finally got up, I searched up a recipe for bagels on my phone. What I found looked easy enough. Most of them called for bread flour, but we only had all purpose flour, and not much of it. When I told Hannah that I’d like to try making bagels, she reminded me that we have a machine dedicated to the making of bread. So, I searched up a bagel recipe for bread makers. The internet makes these sorts of things easy enough to find.

After the gym, I went and got some groceries for dinner, picking up some more flour, as well. When I got home, I pulled out the bread maker, open up the recipe on my phone, put all the ingredients in the machine, and set it to make the dough. As it turns out, there was exactly enough flour in our cupboard for the recipe. The machine is doing its thing as I write this.  

You know what’s curious? If Hannah wakes up on the weekends wanting a bagel, how come we only just found out that the bagel spots around us aren’t open on Sundays? Where has she been getting her bagels from? Have I been imagining her leaving to go get breakfast while I spread out on the bed and watch woodworking videos on YouTube?

The bread machine is beeping!


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