September 30, 2023

When I started writing these near-daily posts, I agreed with myself that I wouldn’t work too hard at them. Some days, all I’ll post is a picture or a quick thought. Other days, I’ll put something more in depth together. Today is going to be a quick day.

I was late getting to the shop today because it’s Saturday and I wanted to sleep in. The cats wake up at an ungodly hour and, now that they’re all friends, complete some sort of morning exercise routine together. It involves crowing and clucking, like a barnyard sunrise. I was agitated before leaving the apartment and worked up when I got there.

It wasn’t an especially productive day. Other than making a pen, I’m not entirely sure what I accomplished. The pen did take a good, long while. I filmed the process for Monday’s video. It must’ve taken me nearly an hour-and-a-half to shape the blank because it would chip out every time I made an even slightly too aggressive cut. I had to go real slow.

I’m hoping some shorter, quicker posts will help me gather some ideas for longer, more detailed posts.

Here’s a picture of the pen.


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