September 13, 2023

I think today was the sixth day of school. Already, I’m muttering under my breath, swearing out loud when I think no one is around, and annoyed with students’ behaviour. I will say that I do really enjoy wearing the tongueless shoes I got in the summer. They’re rather comfortable.

We had to go to the vet last night. Ouli hadn’t urinated in a while so we wanted to make sure he was all right. He’s doing much better tonight. It’s hard to describe the feeling of relief you have when hearing a cat take a good, strong-stream pee in the box behind your desk. They are relieving themselves, I suppose.

Life hasn’t stopped happening because school has started. I’m glad for that. I remember talking to a colleague in June about how you have to make a choice about your teaching career: either you invest fully or you learn how to disassociate and leave school as soon as the bell rings. Trying to maintain a middle ground is very difficult, yet it’s still worth pursuing.

My goal for this school year is to focus on maintaining a healthy balance. I want to make decisions that are going to support the growth of SANA Stationery & Gifts. There are, however, many things that need to get done at school. The first weeks of school are always hectic and busy so it’s unfair to use these last few days as an indication of what to expect from the rest of the school year.

I wanted to go to the workshop after but was too tired to – I didn’t get much done there yesterday. My latest tool purchase – a 3/8” bowl gouge – arrived this evening.

I will stop buying more tools.
I will stop buying more tools.
I will stop buying more tools.

It does feel too early in the school year to feel this tired. Mind you, a lot is going on right now, what, with the move, school starting, getting into a new workshop, and the cats coming together. The fatigue is a result of activity, not drainage. It almost feels nice to be tired come the evening.

Could it be that the muttering and agitation is a result of my familiarity with school? Am I at a point in my career where life can happen because I don’t feel the need to focus so squarely on work? Has enough of the excitement faded that I can feel tired during the first days of a new school year?

When I started teaching, I promised myself that I would avoid becoming complacent in my work. I never considered the impact of being comfortable. I didn’t know that shoes could have no tongues before this summer, or how nice they are to wear. You also can’t put a price on the alleviation you experience after a good piss.


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