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  • September 13, 2023

    I think today was the sixth day of school. Already, I’m muttering under my breath, swearing out loud when I think no one is around, and annoyed with students’ behaviour. I will say that I do really enjoy wearing the tongueless shoes I got in the summer. They’re rather comfortable.

  • July 26, 2023

    July 26, 2023

    I want to make a bowl tomorrow but I don’t think I’ll be able to. I mean, I could, of course, but then other things, perhaps more important things, wouldn’t get done. Not more important, just more urgent. Not more urgent in their gravity but in their scheduled order. Essentially, I’d miss some deadlines if…

  • July 25, 2023

    July 25, 2023

    I got out of bed around 10:00 this morning. Well, I got out of bed at 7:00 am to feed the girls and then went back to bed. There are very few mornings when Eloise isn’t pestering me to get out of bed to feed them. If nipping at my toes doesn’t work, she’ll start…

  • July 19, 2023

    July 19, 2023

    I made a box today. I had to. Despite all of the boxes piling up in the den, the dust gathering on the ledges of the tub, and the recycling that needs to be taken down, I went outside and did some woodworking this afternoon.

  • July 18, 2023

    July 18, 2023

    The last couple of days haven’t been bad but things haven’t felt like they’re going right. It’s as if all of my actions are being tempered by a tension band. Nothing is impossible but it’s a little harder and sometimes I just don’t have the strength to follow through.

  • July 14, 2023

    July 14, 2023

    Is there a difference between a productive day and a busy day? I think I had a productive day today but it didn’t feel so busy. Yesterday, I felt busy but not productive. I think it all comes down to having a schedule.

  • July 1, 2023

    July 1, 2023

    Summer break takes a few days to set in. It’s the cold pool your toes need to test first. Soon enough, you’ll acclimatise and be swimming without reservation.

  • June 20, 2023

    June 20, 2023

    My sister texted me this evening asking if she should buy a new desk for herself. She’s considering one that’ll change between a sitting and a standing desk. Of course, I told her to buy something better than the one she was initially looking at.

  • What are the pros and cons of procrastination?

    What are the pros and cons of procrastination?

    Procrastination is proportional to priority. My priorities are measured against an arbitrary standard of interest. What I’ll procrastinate on is entirely dependent on my mood.

  • Aiming for the spare | trying to figure it out, always and again

    Aiming for the spare | trying to figure it out, always and again

    It wouldn’t be so frustrating if I would just accept the futility of constantly trying to figure out what I want to do with my time and resources. The more direction I give myself, it seems, the harder it is for me to continue down a productive, gainful path. I end up in the gutter…

  • Productive Time

    Productive Time

    I had ACL reconstruction surgery on my left knee about four weeks ago because tequila motivated me to jump off a fence some 18 years ago. I had plans. I was going to do things with my time.

  • Making Time

    Making Time

    Productive people fascinate me. You know, people who are prolific. The people who get a lot of things done amaze me. I admire their ability to set to a task and complete it, while also juggling new ideas and other commitments.