August 18, 2023

Almost a month ago, we signed up with Aro Market, a shop that sells crafts. It’s like a street market in a store. It’s all right. Tomorrow, we’re going in to set up our shelf.

Well, it’s the shelf that we’ve entered into an agreement to rent on a month-to-month basis. We’ll display our wares and the good folks at Aro Market will take care of the sales part of it. I like this arrangement. I’m really hoping that it works out.

Earlier this week, I rented a workshop space. I won’t get it until next week. It’s a fair size at 10’ x 20’. It’ll be a great place for me to set up shop and work in, as it were.

This morning, I ordered a new lathe. It’s a nice upgrade from what I currently have. It’ll fit inside the workshop. I’ll put the things I make with it on the shelf at Aro Market so that they can be sold.

It’s a circle or a cycle. It might be a helix. It all feeds into itself.

I have to see what I’m able to do with this project. SANA Stationery & Gifts has become a focal point in my life, something I think about often. I dream about its success. Passionate. That’s probably the best word to describe how I feel about it.

I’ve put a good few eggs in the same basket with this one. At times, it feels like I’m taking a risk, like I’ve overinvested in something I’m unsure about. Other times, it feels like this is my version of a mid-life crisis. Then, there are those times when it feels like I’m taking a chance on something that is already a success, something that can’t fail.

The truth of it is that I have no idea where this is all going, despite thinking I’m a few steps ahead of myself. The only thing I can do to find out is try. Thing of it is, this is one of the few projects I’ve taken on that I haven’t shelved.


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