August 19, 2023

Today, we set things up at Aro Market. That’s really about it. After that, we grabbed some lunch, picked up some cat food, and then came home. I tinkered with some 3D printing – I’ve been trying to make some SANA Stationery & Gifts “coins.”

I can’t think of much else to write tonight so I’ll use a writing prompt.

Prompt # 3 from 301 Writing Ideas: How did you picture your life in the future as a child?

This is a good question. I don’t know.

I do remember writing in my notebook that I wanted to be a “thinker.” One of my cousins is a philosophy professor and I looked up to him. I guess, I didn’t really know what philosophy was. I still don’t really know despite having majored in it.

When I was older, I thought I’d be a writer. A recluse and all. I’d drink whiskey, smoke cigarettes, and turn on only lamps when I needed lighting.

I went into university thinking I’d come out a physiotherapist. What the fuck was I thinking? I don’t, and never have, like touching people. 

I never thought that I’d be an elementary school teacher, nor did I think that I’d do any woodworking. Living in Toronto wasn’t on my radar, either. I was fairly religious growing up, so I probably thought I’d continue to be. 

Thinking back, I’m not sure if I was the one who created a vision of my future or if it was put on display for me. It took me a good while to grow up, too, so I’d seen a lot before resembling an adult.


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