August 10, 2023

Waiting is busy at the airport. Standing in lines, repacking at security, sitting at the gate. Remaining aware keeps you busy.

I missed a flight once. That was an embarrassing phone call to my mom from a pay phone at the airport. I also needed some money for the cab fair back to my apartment, and then again for the fair back to the airport the next day. Time and money management weren’t my forte during university.

After that, I would arrive to the airport at least three hours early. Lately, I’ve relaxed on that rule. I’m better able to predict how long I need to get from my front door to the terminal gate.

I flew in on New Year’s Eve last year (this year?). My girlfriend met me and we grabbed a cab back home. We sat on the freeway for about two hours while we waited for a mystical incident to clear somewhere ahead. It was an uneventful celebration. The cabbie didn’t even turn his head to wish us a new year.

This is the second or third flight, depending on which side of the calendar New Year’s Eve falls on, I’ll be on this year. We made it here in good time. Our flight was rescheduled this morning — a second for me this year — so we had and extra four hours to get ready today. We kept busy while we waited to leave.


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