May 11, 2023

Sometimes, progress is imperceptibly slow.

I often think that I’m not getting anywhere with SANA Stationery & Gifts. I won’t have made a pen in a while or done any woodworking. I still won’t have prepared this year’s ledger or taken pictures of pens I’ve made. The website will still be in need of a few updates and I won’t have been active on Instagram.

Despite the things that I haven’t done, progress has been made. There’s a marked difference between where I’m at with things today than I was a year ago. I wanted a website instead of an Etsy store and I got one. I’ve expanded my products a bit to also include boxes. Oh, right, I started learning how to make boxes. I’ve got myself a deal with a men’s fashion outlet to sell my pens starting in the fall. I filed taxes on the business.

I still want to do so much more and I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting time getting things done. I don’t have much of a plan, though.


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