April 28, 2023

What has feared stopped me from doing? Lately, I’ve been trying to speak up more but I’m still not saying all that I want to, especially when I’m talking to someone who sits higher than me on a hierarchy. I keep wanting certain things to change, hoping that someone will step up and do something, but I’m not entirely willing for that person to be me.

I’m scared. I’m afraid of what I’ll lose. I’m afraid of what I’ll have to recover from. I’m afraid that I’ll fail in vain.

Change comes from the willingness to lose in order to make gains. Something has to be sacrificed. This is a difficult proposition to sit with. This, however, is what breeds courage.

I don’t want to cause trouble or upset anybody but I also don’t want people to cause trouble or upset others. I don’t want to be impeded or set back by someone because of their decision to act in their own favour. I just don’t know what it is that I’m willing to lose for.


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