April 22, 2023

I texted my girlfriend last night to see if she’d be ready around 9:30 this morning to drive out to Vaughan. Again. I told her that we should go early to miss as much traffic as possible.

It was just after 11:00 when I picked her up.

On the way back to Lee Valley, she asked me why I changed my mind about the miniature tool set. I told her that it wasn’t feasible financially right now. We have a good few expenses coming up. It’s also that the tools, amazingly crafted as they are, are simply too small. I’m not doing the type of work that will get the most value out of them.

For about 20 minutes of the 35-minute drive, we discussed the virtues of the router planes I was looking at. I simply couldn’t not get something. I went over the price and utility of the small, medium, and large router planes available.

Veritas medium-sized router plane featured on a workbench.

After returning the miniature tool set, we walked over to the Veritas display to look at the options available. I picked up and held the large router plane. It has a good weight to it. The small- and medium-sized ones were behind glass. I read over the descriptions of each for the 77th time before settling in the medium one.

After a nice brunch, we headed back. When I got home, I set to work making a box. We’re trying to put together a gift set for Mother’s Day.

I’m very happy with the purchase. It feels as though new opportunities have availed themselves.


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